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Europea Group, custom and IT services


Leaders in custom, logistic, transport and broker services. We are situated in Cadiz, Algeciras and Seville ports. Your traffic is in the best hands with our professional team.


Experts in customs, we do not only advise, but we have the aim of disseminating the knowledge and customs law that by its complexity does not always reach the importing / exporting companies.


Nowadays, IT systems and communications have a vital importance in bussiness worldwide becoming a fundamental pillar of competitiveness, Europea IT provides services such as advice, study, training and of course we offer a wide range of cloud services available for your company always cluttered with security systems as a top priority.

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Datos Arancelarios Actualizados
14 Dec 09:40 am

Dejamos la nueva actualización publicada por Taric para los datos arancelarios actualizados el 04 de diciembre del...

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Europea IT alerta de los riesgos de sufrir ciber ataques en las empresas
14 Dec 09:30 am

La Confederación de Empresarios de la provincia de Cádiz acogió ayer la jornada “Ciberseguridad en el ámbito...

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Como sacar mayor rendimiento a la nube
14 Dec 09:20 am

A lo largo del 2017 dicen los expertos que se ha incrementado el número de empresas que...

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